Efi n
Race Dragon
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue and pink
Sex Female
Game Information
Age 1 month old
Skills Eating lies
“This morning, mister butler brought me some tasty treats. They were, um… macarons? And I ate them! And they were all fluffy and sweet…” -Taken from the novel

Efina is one of the protagonists of the LiEat novel. She travels around with the second protagonist, Theo, who she considers her papa. Efi is a dragon born from a wish of Theo’s that can eat lies.


Efina's hair is left loose, but only two locks of her hair reaches her sholders. she wears a red hairbow, giving her the appereance of having bunny ears. She weares a ruffled brown top that covers her neck but leaves her midriff exposed, with white sleeves that reach her elbows and a red bow on the front of her neck. On top of this is a blue corset-like waistcoat, rimmed with gold and bound together with black strings.  


Efina's personality is generally the same as in the first game, naive and childish. Having been born recently, she’s constantly wondering and asking many questions about things, much to Theo’s annoyance.


Efi's main ability is to manifest and eat the lies of others. These lies manifest as monsters. However, if a liar makes multiple statements and some are true, they will manifest as well, and cannot be eaten as they taste "gross". Efi can physically attack the lies and then consume them. She is able to save Mischa when she becomes consumed by lies.

As a dragon, Efi can put out horns and wings, but only one at at time, and they are really "wonky" shaped and also wear Efi out very quickly. She can also breathe powerful gouts of fire.


Teo Edit

Efi’s really serious about being a good kid and keeping promises, though she  tends to fail while doing so and her impulsive behaviour tends to fatigue Teo.

Phil Edit

They talk about his relationship with Mischa, and Efi ate one of his lies.

Mischa Edit

Efi’s thrilled about her singing and thinks she’s a very good person, often talking with her.

The Bluebird Edit

Efi’s mostly confused about her vague answers. They talked about various things.


  • It is revealed that Theo named Efi after a character from a book he was reading before her egg hatched, as he couldn't be bothered to think of a name for her.
  • She apparently set Theo’s clothes on fire while trying to light a cigarette for him.
  • Sweets sometimes make her hyperactive and she ends spitting fire. She’s also spit fire while asleep.

Gallery Edit

Efi nI

Efi as seen in the novel's illustration

Novel 1

Efi and Teo as seen in the novel's cover

Efi novel

Efina's design by Miwashiba