Warning: Contains spoilers from all the games.  If you have not played the whole series, do not read this.

LiEat IEdit

Bad Ending #1Edit

After going to the back alley on the first night staying at Vermillion Town, Efina will see something or someone, and she will then be attacked by "it".

How to Get: Go to the back alley after talking to Carol (the part where Carol tells you to go straight back to Leo and Efina's lodge).

Bad Ending #2Edit

While fighting the final boss, Keith, lose. Leo will be stabbed with a knife in his chest. Captain Neil will then come and save Efina, leaving Leo behind.  

How to Get: When fighting the final boss, lose (it is recommended to equip the starter weapons).

Good EndingEdit

While fighting with Keith, Leo and Efina wins the battle. Efina then eats Keith's lies whole. The day after, Leo and Efina will learn the truth about Vermillion Town from Keith before leaving.  

How to Get: Win the final boss (it is recommended to equip the Legendary weapons).

LiEat II Edit

Bad Ending Edit

While fighting William, Efina will see something coming and, later on, forgets who she is.

How to Get: When fighting the final boss, lose (it is recommended to equip the starter weapons).

Good Ending Edit

While fighting with William, Hal and Efina wins the battle. William's lies then come off and William tries to apologize to Sofia but runs out of the room. Hal and Efina go to the hallway to check on him. William apologizes to Sofia again but she says that it's her fault and the truth about William is revealed. But after William said the truth, Sofia embraces him saying that eating bad dreams can't make anyone stronger and promises she'll never run away. In the morning, Efina and Leo say goodbye to Sofia before they leave.

How to Get: Win the final boss (it is recommended to equip the Legendary weapons).

LiEat III Edit

Bad Ending Edit

When Efina finally reaches Theo in the final room before the final battle, Cyril reveals that Theo has already been consumed by the lies. Efina fails to eat the lies and Cyril leaves the scene, leaving Teo in his corrupted state. Efina is later seen leaving the now-blackened city with the corrupted Theo, but not before promising that she will get stronger to one day eat the lies that consumed him.

How to Get: When controlling Theo, don't check the eye in the hallway more than once. The boss will be unbeatable regardless whether or not Efina is Level 12 or above. Trying to get this ending after checking the eye in the hallway and talking to the people in the room, results in a Game Over

Normal Ending Edit

When Efina reaches the final room, Cyril corrupts Theo one last time so that Theo becomes completely consumed by the lies. After the battle, Efina finds that she couldn't eat all the lies and decided to unleash her full power, despite still being unstable.

Captain Neil, Brett and Iris detect Efina's surge of dragon power and Brett and Iris senses the inevitable: Efina possibly succumbing to the pressure of her unstable power. Neil, however, makes note that if that is how Efina was going to save Theo, there is no way they can stop her.

Before Theo (now half-cured from the corruption) can stop her, Efina uses her full power and transforms into her full dragon form. She bids Theo farewell and tells him that she loves him before getting to work on destroying the lies.

After the screen blacks out, Cyril says that she has gotten revenge on Theo, although this wasn't what she had had in mind. Theo then speaks as he starts to leave the city, noting the silence without Efina around and finally lamenting that he had once again failed to protect the people he loved. The final scene shows Theo leaving the city and crying over the loss of Efina.

How to Get: When controlling Theo, check the eye in the hallway 2 times and talk to the people in it. When you're back to Efina, make sure her level is 11 or under and win the final boss.

Good Ending Edit

How to Get: Do the same steps to get the Normal End, but make sure Efina's level is 12 or above. This can be achieved by repetitively fighting the Lies in the hallway. If you need to heal before getting to the hallway, your last chance is to sleep in the bed after you leave the 3 dragons, but before you exit to the hallway.