Iris Ashbery
Iris III lrg
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Sex Female
Game Information
Age Around 9 years old (Appears 15)
Height 152 cm
Skills Analyzing
Likes Her friends in the force
Dislikes Thinking

"A dragon girl who can analyze. Captain of the police's special investigative unit. Full of energy, but runs headfirst into far too many situations."- Game Description.

In LiEat III, she debuts as the captain of the police's special investigative unit, abruptly interrupting your conversation with Enos Leonhearts . Then she continues with a conversation about who she was, and mentions she has other troops, but got there first since she could fly. Afterwards then introduced herself to Efina and Sid, but using her analyzing ability, she immediately notices that Sid's actual name is Teobaldo Leonhearts.

Appearance Edit


Iris' design by Miwashiba

Her hair goes down to her legs, and she ties it in two asymmetrical ponytails with fluffy black hair ties. She wears the ladies’ uniform, which consists of the same shirt design as the men's (lined with blue and red stripes) and a white short skirt lined with the same stripes as well as two black ones, in addition to black tights and white boots up to the knee.

Personality Edit

Iris is an impulsive and lively girl. She always says what she thinks and will act just as freely, as she’s very expressive, even though that may put her in trouble sometimes. She's also very analytical and hard worker, offering her help whenever she can.

Relationships Edit

Teobaldo Leonhearts Edit

Thanks to her power she easily uncovered his real personality, annoying Teo by sharing information aloud in front of Efi.

Efina Edit

When they met in the third floor, she helps Efi to go through the dark room by sharing her vision. They later talk about Iris’ past and the police force in general.  

Neil Masefield Edit

Iris respects and admires captain Neil, and won’t lose a chance to praise him.

Brett Graves Edit

Iris respects and admires vice captain Brett, and won’t lose a chance to praise him.

Trivia Edit

  • It’s revealed that the day of the incident was also the day of her first job.
  • Her master was an old man who wished to know about many things.

Gallery Edit