Keith Rigfire
Keith lrg
Hair Color Brown with flame-like orange
Eye Color Orange
Sex Male
Game Information
Age 18 years old
Height 167 cm / 5'5"
Skills Cooking, cleaning
Likes Family
Dislikes Horror movies

"A boy living in Vermillion Town. He lives a humble life with his little sister Rachel. He has a bit of longing for the outside world."- In-Game Description

Keith is a side character and the final boss of LiEat I, the descendant of a family of vampires that arrived to Vermillion Town a long time ago.

Appearance Edit


Keith's concept art from Miwashiba

He has brown hair, which ends in flame-like orange hair, and ties it in a low ponytail. He wears a brown waistcoat over a long-sleeved white shirt tied with an old fashioned necktie, in addition to a light brown coat that has flame-like appearance, dark brown pants and shoes.

Personality Edit

Keith first appears as a kind, calm person who lives a peaceful life in the town, enjoys cooking and housekeeping as well as taking care of his sister. However, as we find out later on, he can go to extreme measures in order to protect her. He constantly lies to the visitors of the town, takes the blame of her actions, and goes as far as to end up consumed by lies and regret. At the end of the game he says he wants to redeem himself, adding that everything was caused by his selfishness.

Relationships Edit

Jeil Rigfire Edit

Keith’s father. Jeil took care of him and his sister, but kept Rachel’s tendencies a secret until his death.

Rachel Rigfire Edit

Keith’s beloved sister. He was unable to follow the vampire’s rule and kill her, and instead kept her hidden, feeding her with animal’s blood and even his own. This caused deaths when she managed to escape the house several times.

Theobald Leonhart Edit

Keith lends him a house to stay, and lies many times about his relationship with the vampire legend, ultimately accepting his race and threatening to kill him and Efi. He comments that he prefers Leo acting naturally, and he admits acting cheerful wears him out.

Efina Edit

Keith talks with her, offers her homemade cookies, and then tells a lie for her to eat. Also, he reveals useful information to her, referring to himself as being from a race “that feeds on a specific thing”.

Trivia Edit

  • He hates the color red, and wishes to see a white moon someday.
  • He gets sleepy really early and defines himself as a morning person, the exact opposite of his sister.
  • According to Leo, he has an habit of smiling when he lies.

Gallery Edit

ScreenShot 2017 0119 23 52 45

Looking how Efi feeds on a lie

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Being consumed by lies