LiEat II
Developer △○□× (Miwashiba)
Platform PC
Release date Jun. 11, 2014
Feb. 26, 2016 (Steam)
LiEat II (full title "LiEat the Lie Eating Dragon & the Azure Dreameater") is the second installment of the LiEat RPG game trilogy following young and unique Dragon Efina alongside her caretaker, Hal.


vgperson DescriptionEdit

A con artist travels with the dragon Efina in search of more information to sell.
 Led to Azure Town by rumors, "Hal" assumes the identity of a guard at the town's resort.
 And as they investigate, they discover what's going on behind the scenes...

Steam DescriptionEdit

Chapter two finds Efi and Hal (formerly Leo) investigating rumors of something magical and possibly dangerous inside a resort casino. Posing as a new guard, Hal gets room and board for himself and Efi, but they quickly realize that a roof over their heads doesn't mean it's a safe place to stay.


LiEat works like many other PC RPG games, relying on the arrow keys to move, z or enter to use a command; Efina and Hal are used to navigate in the small resort with the occasional battle using basic combat action and a classic leveling system.



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