Developer △○□× (Miwashiba)
Platform PC
Release date Aug. 02, 2014
Feb. 26, 2016 (Steam)
LiEat III (full title "LiEat the Lie Eating Dragon & the Gold Thief") is the third installment of the LiEat RPG game trilogy following young and unique Dragon Efina alongside her caretaker, Sid.


vgperson DescriptionEdit

A con artist of many names and the dragon Efina arrive at a party in Gold Town.
They find a treasure on display, and learn that a phantom thief plans to steal it.
The appointed time comes, and the truth slowly but surely begins to reveal itself...

Steam DescriptionEdit

The final installment of LiEat bring Efi and Sid to a lavish mansion to foil the plans of a master thief. However, after the great robbery occurs, Sid begins to realize there's more at work than a simple heist, and Efi watches as his past - and his lies - finally catch up to them both.


LiEat works like many other PC RPG games, relying on the arrow keys to move, z or enter to use a command; Efina and Hal are used to navigate in the small mansion with the occasional battle using basic combat action and a classic leveling system.



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