Lucas Balliol
Lucas II lrg
Hair Color Lavender
Eye Color Green
Sex Male
Game Information
Age 24 years old
Height 172 cm / 5'7"
Skills Trickery
Likes Beer, money, women
Dislikes Restraints

"A stitched-up resort employee. Currently handles the bar. The stitches are for style, but some of them are real." -In-Game description

Lucas Balliol is a secondary character and one of the bosses in LiEat II. He works as a barman at the resort, making tricks to entertain the clients.

Appearance Edit


Luca's concept art by Miwashiba

He wears a white shirt with blue sleeves underneath a blue vest with a light blue stripe, a tie with yellow, black and white stripes, blue pants and dark blue shoes. He also wears a purple belt for decoration a little lower than a yellow belt, and has multiple stitches on his face and hands. He is always carrying a cigarrete.

Personality Edit

Lucas is a laid-back and carefree guy, who has a very casual way of speaking. He never seems too worried about anything besides women and alcohol, and is a good at lying, however he ends up consumed by them. He enjoys doing tricks and thinks people’s disgraces are interesting to watch. He is also popular for being a playboy, and due to this is constantly being attacked as revenge.

Relationships Edit

Olivia Cameron Edit

His girlfriend. They’ve been dating for some years. He seems to like her, and usually complains about her controlling habits, though he recognizes his habits are a problem too. He thinks he deserves what she does to him, constantly saying things along the lines of “you reap what you sow”.

Teobaldo Leonhearts Edit

He knew the real Harold, and isn’t affected by Teo taking his place in the resort, as Lucas explains he was a loser and a drunktard. However, they don’t get along at all, given they’re way too similar. Lucas thinks Teo’s a weirdo, though later on he recognises his abilities and is grateful for his help.

Efina Edit

He enjoys seeing her amusement, and shows her a few card tricks, as well as the severed thumb trick though he is suprised she doesn't notice his thumbs are different colors on each hand.

Trivia Edit

  • He tells Efina to "don't grow up into that kind of girl" (referring to Olivia), the same thing Teo said to her.
  • He would sometimes call Sofia "Sophie".
  • When Mars and Thom become humans, he can't tell them apart.

Gallery Edit

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Showing Efi a card trick

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