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Race Human
Hair Color Beige
Eye Color Orange
Sex Female
Game Information
"Yes, I remember it well. My name, and that I liked to sing. My beloved family. I remember it well.”

Mischa, also known as The songstress, is a side character that appears in the LiEat Novel, who lives with Phil in a mansion at the back of Indigo Town.

Appearance Edit

Her hair goes down to her legs and she divides it in two low ponytails. In the front, she has it short and tied in two braids. She wears a veil around her head which goes down to her feet, a brown corset styled blouse tied with a yellow ribbon, a frilly, short dark brown skirt, light brown tights and black shoes.

Personality Edit

Mischa is a kind and caring person, who enjoys singing and talking with the townspeople. She has a fragile appearance, but in reality she posseses a great stamina, as she can sing at powerful volume during long periods and doesn't get tired easily. Though her illness makes her forget pretty much everything every three days, she does her best to live a normal life.

Relationships Edit

Phil Edit

Her butler and caretaker, they’re really close. She is able to remember him even after her memory loss, but suffers because she can’t remember anything else and lies to him about that, trying not to hurt him.

The Bluebird Edit

They talked every so often about many things, and Mischa often showed interest on Phil and their past together.

Al Edit

Mischa let Al and Efi stay at the mansion without charge. She comments about his constant fatigue and thanks him for helping them.

Efina Edit

She seems very fond of Efi, often talking with Efi and also singing some melodies for her.  

Trivia Edit

  • She lives alone with Phil and the bluebird because her parents went away to work
  • She sings a different song everyday.
  • Her only permanent memories are those of the most important things to her.

Gallery Edit


Mischa's design by Miwashiba

Story 1

Mischa and Phil seen in the novel's promotional art.