Olivia Cameron
Olivia II lrg
Hair Color Green with crimson stripe
Eye Color Orange
Sex Female
Game Information
Age 26 years old
Height 162 cm / 5'3"
Skills Card magic tricks
Likes Lucas, tea
Dislikes Frogs

“A worker at the resort. Currently handles the casino. Once she falls for someone, she gets painfully attached.” -In-Game description

Olivia Cameron is a secondary character in LiEat II, a dealer who entertains the clients in the game hall at the resort.

Appearance Edit


Olivia's concept art by Miwashiba

Her hair goes down to her feet, tied in a long braid, and in the front it joins at her chest and is tied with a red ribbon. She wears a long red and black dress, along with elbow lenght black gloves and red heels. She also has a snake-like tail.

Personality Edit

She is a charming woman, who constantly smiles and is seemingly unaffected by anything around her. She has a jealous nature, and won’t stop until she achieves what she wants, no matter the consequences. She’s good at dealing with people and conversing, as well as very observant and inquisitive. When driven into a corner, she becomes aggressive.

Relationships Edit

Lucas Balliol Edit

Her boyfriend. They’ve been dating for some years. She has developed an obsession for him, and refuses to let him go. She hates his womanizing, always forbids him from talking to other women, and is willing to hurt him in order to make him change.

William Edit

She spent a lot of time with him after work, luring him to erase everyone’s memories of her fights with Lucas, as well as using his powers in the memory game against Teo and Efi.

Theobald Leonhearts Edit

She lies to him several times. When she’s out of arguments, she challenges both him and Efi to a memory game, assuming she’d win with William’s help. After losing she tells the truth, but refuses to accept she lost and locks them in the basement.

Efina Edit

She’s overall nice to Efi, shows her card tricks and gives her some candy. However she doesn’t seem feel guilty about letting her fall into the basement.

Trivia Edit

  • She really loves full moons and thinks the town’s got a good air.
  • After the incident it’s revealed she doesn’t remember anything that happened, implying William ate her memories.

Gallery Edit

ScreenShot 2017 0124 18 43 45

With William during the memory game.