Race Human
Hair Color Light blue
Eye Color Red
Sex Male
Game Information
“Even if you just remember my face and name, if you haven’t forgotten everything about me, that makes me very happy.”

Phil is a side character of the LiEat Novel, a butler who takes care of Mischa in a mansion at the back of Indigo town.

Appearance Edit

He wears a  a black silk hat, decorated with a beige ribbon, a white long sleeved frilly shirt decorated with a brown ribbon underneath a dark brown waistcoat, a beige cape lined with brown, as well as light gray pants and over the knee brown boots decorated with little ribbons.

Personality Edit

Phil is a calm and gentle butler, who’s skilled at housekeeping and values Mischa over anything else, including himself. Though he may be a little slow at times, he has a powerful will and won’t hesitate on doing what he believes it’s best.

Relationships Edit

Mischa Edit

He cares deeply for her, as before knowing her he didn’t have any resolve in his life. He’s willing to sacrifice his own happiness in order to protect her, so he lied to her about her memory loss and introduced himself as if they were meeting for the first time.

The Bluebird Edit

The bluebird was born from Phil’s wish. He actually didn’t know she was a dragon and therefore named her after the town’s fairytale. He requested her help in making Mischa happy.

Theobald Leonhart Edit

Phil was unwilling to let him stay at the mansion at the beginning and lied to him about the situation, though he accepted his help and everything worked out at the end.

Efina Edit

He watched over her when Theo wasn’t at the mansion, and also talked to her about his and Mischa’s past.

Trivia Edit

  • He isn’t very good at hiding his emotions and is easily seen through by Theo.
  • He comments Theo’s true colors “suit him more”

Gallery Edit

Phil dg

Phil's design by Miwashiba

Story 1

Mischa and Phil seen in the novel's promotional art.