Rachel Rigfire
Rachel lrg
Hair Color Brown with flame-like orange
Eye Color Orange
Sex Female
Game Information
Age 9 years old
Height 134 cm / 4'4"
Skills Running
Likes Family, stuffed animals, talking
Dislikes Thunder, scary people

"A girl living in Vermillion Town. As a descendant of a family of vampires, at times she has her ancestors' tendencies. She loves to talk."- In-Game Description

Rachel is a side character of LiEat I, the descendant of a family of vampires that arrived to Vermillion Town a long time ago

Appearance Edit


Rachel's concept art by Miwashiba

She has brown hair divided in long pigtails, which ends in flame-like orange. She wears a shoulderless brown dress that goes above her knee, and brown boots up to her knee.

Personality Edit

Rachel is a gentle little girl who fully trusts her brother. She loves to talk, but she refrains from it because her brother ordered so, being the only time she broke the rule when she talked to Efi. She has a good heart, however, she inherited a denser vampire blood, making her need blood in order to live and attack people. Her personality changes, she becomes unable to talk and flees to prey on humans. After that happens, she loses consciousness and doesn’t remember anything she has done.

Relationships Edit

Jeil Rigfire Edit

Her father, whom she killed during one of her outbursts. She only remembers that one day he collapsed, and then he just wasn’t there.

Keith Rigfire Edit

Her brother. She loves him dearly and follows his orders. She said, about not having a father, that she isn’t lonely because Keith is there. However, she knows he lies and doesn’t tell her anything.

Efina Edit

She gets on well with Efi, and thinks it’s fun talking to her. They talk about their caretakers, agreeing with some things like being ordered to shut up or lying. She identifies the old photo Efi brings as being a photo of her family.

Trivia Edit

  • She yawns and is usually sleepy during the day, the exact opposite of her brother.
  • She’s weak to sunlight, but also really fast at night.

Gallery Edit

ScreenShot 2017 0120 22 38 25

Rachel being controlled by her powers