Al (The bluebird)
Bluebird 2
Race Dragon
Hair Color Light Blue
Eye Color Blue
Sex Female
Game Information
“If you knew what happiness really was… I wonder.” -Taken from the LiEat Novel

The bluebird, later named Al, is a side character from the LiEat Novel, a dragon born from Phil’s wish that lives in the forest next to the mansion at Indigo town.

Appearance Edit

AI (not to be confused with Theobald, who went by Al in the light novel) as blue eyes and hair with side bangs that looks like bird wings, bird like ears and an ahoge. She wears a shoulderless deep blue crop top lined with frilly yellow flowers and decorated with a blue and yellow flowers ribbon, blue shorts underneath a yellow belt that has a long light blue veiled cloth tied at the end with yellow ribbons and deep blue shoes that has two blue feathers on each of them with yellow flowers. She also wears a blue lace garter on her left leg. She has two long blue feather wings.

Personality Edit

Al is a calm and collected dragon. Though she is mostly expressionless, she cares deeply for those around her. She has an habit of giving ambiguous answers to questions, and she enjoys nature and talking with people.

Abilities Edit

Al possesses the power to show illusions. The ability can give form to people’s memories, but only if the memory is clear enough, otherwise the illusions will take a distorted form. The extent to which she uses her ability is enormous, as she could use it on the whole town and even farther away. From birth, she had a great control of her powers as she could use them right away. However, since she was constantly using them, she was exhausted and slept most of the day.

Relationships Edit

Phil Edit

Al’s master. She used her powers to fulfill his wish, and often talked with him. She worried over his happiness and questioned him about this, as she knew he would only become sad if things went on as they were.

Mischa Edit

Al talked frequently with her, and noticed her unhappiness.

Theobald Leonhart Edit

She requested his help in order to protect Phil and Mischa, and told him the truth behind the town’s situation.

Efina Edit

Al enjoyed talking with her, because that way she could forget about her own troubles.

Trivia Edit

  • She showcases an illusion of flowers to Theo and Efi when they were leaving town, probably to say thank you
  • As she had no name, she tricked Theo into giving her his own (Al).

Gallery Edit

Al bluebird

Al (The bluebird)'s design by Miwashiba

Bb back

Al's back seen in an illustration