So, we've been fairly active recently with Wikia Contributor(s), Creepylittleghost, Dualkun (from a while ago), and myself editing this wiki and, well, I'd like to help it further. A few of the things I want to do are

  1. The theme : I like the colour scheme but I think maybe the background should change to a background from a town, scan from the novel, or a feature of two characters (preferably Efi and Teo).
  2. The favicon : it's so generic and wikia set and I really want to put something in place to differentiate from Community Wiki.
  3. Vandalism : 'nuff said just in case? Any of us can undo it but none of us can ban for it.
  4. DEVELOPMENT : overall, I think adopting the wiki to better help its development with forums and/ or chat, and the like!
  5. Also, the founder/ the only admin has been inactive for over a year aaaa

If someone else wants to adopt the wiki instead of me, that's fine too because I mean I haven't been as active here as I would be over at sufanon so yeah...

Hope you all agree or have any extra input. Thank you!