William II lrg
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
Sex Male
Game Information
Age 4 months old

(Appears 4 years old)

Height 92 cm / 3'0"
Skills Eating memories
Likes Employees and guests
Dislikes Talking to strangers

“A memory-eating dragon boy. Helps Sofia with her magic tricks. Though a dragon, he has sheep-like horns and angelic wings.” - In-Game Description

William is a secondary character and the final boss in LiEat II, a dream-eating dragon who was born from Sofia's wish. He helps Sofia perform magic tricks at the resort's grand hall.

Appearance Edit


William's concept art by Miwashiba

He wears a white longsleeved frilly shirt tied with a striped ribbon, a short blue coat, as well as a dark blue hat with colored feathers and a ribbon with stripes, dark blue pants and light brown boots.

Personality Edit

William is a shy kid, and often stutters while talking. Though he’s good hearted, he is easily influenced and has difficulties telling good from wrong. However, he understands he can make people happy by eating their bad dreams. He wonders about the reason why he was born and this, plus pretending everything was right, led him to have self-doubts and ultimately he became consumed by lies.

Abilities Edit

He is capable of eating people’s memories, though he calls it eating dreams. Those memories appear floating just over people’s heads in the form of a kind of cotton, and if he concentrates he can also see what’s inside, giving him the ability to choose what to eat, even very specific events of a certain period of time.

Relationships Edit

Sofia Juanele Edit

William’s master, he loves her a lot and occasionally calls her “mom”.  He’s very worried about her suffering, and does whatever he can to help her, eating away her bad memories and even lying about his feelings to ease her worries.

Olivia Cameron Edit

He hangs out with Olivia, and does what she orders him to, probably convinced it’s for the best.

Efina Edit

They talk about being a dragon and also about their caretakers. Efina cheers him up, saying she supports him.

Trivia Edit

  • It’s said during the true end that Olivia doesn’t remember anything of what happened, implying he ate her memories.
  • Will is the only dragon kid showed in a LiEat game besides Efina.

Gallery Edit

ScreenShot 2017 0124 19 35 38

Besides Sofia after performing a magic trick

ScreenShot 2017 0124 19 35 26

Being consumed by lies

ScreenShot 2017 0124 19 09 59

William's extended wings

ScreenShot 2017 0124 19 12 10

Hugging Sofia